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DMB_LOGO_V1.4 colour_SQUARE02.png

Chair: Andy Lennox (Wonky Table)

Vice Chair: Fiona McArthur (Bournemouth Coastal BID)

Vice Chair: Paul Kinvig (Bournemouth Town Centre BID)

President: David Bailey

Sector Representatives:

Conference Sector Rep: Steve Turner (BH Live)

Conference Sector Deputy: Sarah Stainer (BH Live)

Accommodation Sector Rep: Tim Seward (BAHA)

Accommodation Sector Deputy: Rosie Radwell (Marsham Court Hotel)

IEA Sector Rep: Guido Schillig (Anglo Continental)

IEA Sector Deputy: Joan Rees (Eagle International)

Leisure/Attractions Sector Rep: Carol Scott (City Cruises)

Leisure/Attractions Sector Deputy: Jackie Richmond (Splashdown Waterparks)

Transport Sector Rep: Richard Wade (MoreBus)
Eating Out Sector Rep: Andy Lennox (Wonky Table)
Events Sector Rep: Craig Mathie (South Coast Events Forum)

Cultural/Creative Sector Rep: Morag Wood (Culture Comms Collective)

BID Representation

Bournemouth Town Centre BID: Martin Davies

Bournemouth Town Centre Deputy: Paul Kinvig

Bournemouth Coastal BID: Peter Ruscoe

Bournemouth Coastal BID Deputy: Fiona McArthur

Christchurch BID: Lucy Filer

Christchurch BID Deputy: Louise Berkhauer

Poole BID: Geogina Bartlett
Poole BID Deputy: Jacqui Rock

Council Representation

Leader of the Council: Cllr Vikki Slade
Director Planning & Destination: Wendy Lane

Strategic Development Manager: Andrew Emery

Head of Operations Strategy: Chris Shephard

Co-opted Members

National Coastal Tourism Academy: Samantha Richardson

Bournemouth Chamber: Bill Perkins

Secretariat: Nickie Khosravi (BCP Council)

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